Monday, June 30, 2008


If all goes well Christian will be coming home Tomorrow. I will be taking his carseat up tonight for them to do a carseat trace were they place him secure in the seat and they monitor his sats for the aprox. time he will be in the car going home which is about an hour. If he passes it and every thing goes smoothly tonight he will be home sometime tomorrow. OMG is all I can say I have been a nervous wreck today since the nurse told me. I been cleaning and sanitizing everything. Went shopping to get things I know I don't have for him and need I so don't feel ready completly but then again who ever does have every thing ready? I'm so nervous I have so many worries and I'm so afraid I'll be to overprotecting of him to the point will I be able to focus and Just enjoy him? I bought the HUGEST bottle of hand sanitizer and done informed the kids you better not touch the baby unless hands are clean lol I know that sounds mean but I am so afraid he will get sick or something. I don't think I was ever this way w/ the other kids but then again I could of been but not this severe KWIM? I know allot of people are going to want to come over and Visit and well half of these people if not more hasn't offered no help what so ever since he has been born. They basically just want to come see him and make it all about them (just my opinion) Only very few people has helped or offered any help at all and that's My Best Friend, mine and James parents and one of my sisters. Not many at all. Not that I'm complaning but I've had so many calls of people wanting to know when he was coming home and saying Well he's going to be grow before anyone sees him and just being rude. Well were he's a preemie plus has had Surgery and everything else going on I've done been told by the nurse limit visitors and no going to crowded places. Only allow those that has been there for you durring this time and close family and friends to come over and for all the others tell them they have to Wait. She said she would tell them one day out of a week I'll have a Window viewing were I'll bring the baby to the window to let everyone see him LOL I hate to make people mad but I want to do what's best for him.

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