Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Emotional Day :(

Today is my Son Lucas' fourth Angel day and it's really hard especially right now b/c Christian is in the Hosp. I miss my baby Lucas so much he should be 4 years old and just as mischievous as his brothers, I sit and wonder many times of how it would be if he was still here w/ us what would be different? I don't think this pain ever truly goes away you just have your days that it's not hurting as bad and then you have days like this that remind you of what you have lost and it hurts it hurts so bad. I still ache to hold him again to smell that sweat baby smell and to here his cute giggle that was just so cute. I miss how we would cuddle in the recliner late at night and I would sing to him OH how he loved to be sung to especially Amazing Grace and Hush Little Baby. I miss reading him his bed time stories and how he would look up at me w/ the biggest smile. I just miss my baby sorry to vent I'm just having an emotional day and needed to share :(
Happy Angel Day my sweat Angel Lucas Mommy misses you
SO much

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