Sunday, June 22, 2008

Surgery update!

Hi everyone sorry it's took me a little bit to update on Christian I been so busy at the NICU this weekend and so tired from all that has happened. Well Christian went threw his Surgery really well they thought it would take 1-2 hours but they had him done in 30 minits they said it went so well that they had him done faster than what they thought :) We waited for about 30 minits to an hour before we got to see him b/c his nurse had to get him all cleaned up. When we got in there he looked good considering he had surgery. his head measurement had went down a half a centimeter after surgery he was on the ventilator to. He was doing well the rest of the day then he started dropping his Heart rate and his oxygen stats started dropping his color was changing the nurse had to give him loads of oxygen then he was fine but not long later he did it again. Finally he calmed down and it was shift change so I had to leave for an hour but I sure didn't want to He scared me to death. I called James who had already went home and told him I was spending the night b/c I couldn't leave him. I got back in after shift change and apparently he acted up during the whole time. He started again while me and the nurse were talking she ran to get the doc and I kept stimulating him and giving him a pep talk lol He calmed down before the doc got in there and the doc said to watch him and if he did it again let him know. I sat there all night and he behaved till about 4am and acted back up again. Finally they got him back stable...They were thinking it may be from were he is on the vent and were his body is adjusting to all that fluid coming off his head. Well they had a new baby arriving so I had to leave the room and it was close to shift change so I went ahead and bring the van home and had my mom and dad bring me back to the hosp. I called before I got there and he had been took off the vent but he was having loads of HR drops she said it could be from were he was just taken off the vent b/c he was holding his oxygen but if he continued they were going to give him oxygen. By the time I got there he was doing better not many HR drops. He looked allot better to his head looked funny tho b/c of were the fluid was draining they said his plates may over lap eventually but at that time one side was smaller than the other. He done good threw out Sat. only a few HR drops but held his oxygen and feeds were started and he was doing well w/ that so they stopped his IV fluids. So I Had James come get me so I could come home and rest since he was doing OK. I went back this morning and I was so amazed at how he looked his head looked so much better he was alert and awake and even smiling :) His nurse tried him on a bottle but he didn't do very well. I did get to try him w/ the bottle and he sucked the whole bottle and I got to hold and cuddle him for the first time since his surgery :) He only had 2 HR drops while I was there and dropped his oxygen 1X but it was just after his diaper change too. He was a little jittery and shivery but they said probably from the surgery b/c his body is adjusting still but overall he is doing GREAT. Thank you all for your prayers I hope this puts him on a fast track to recovery.

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