Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Baby yet :(

Turns out Christian will not be coming home today. After the docs looked over his weight history they don't feel he has gained a good amount to convince them he is going to continue to grow good. In one week he lost 6oz and the last 2 days he has only gained 15 grams (not even an oz) back. So instead of sending him home and taking the risk of him having to come back they have decided it's in his best interest to keep him there maybe a few more days just to see what he is going to do. Plus his temp got down to 96.5 and they want him to be 97 or more, I noticed his hat was off and babies loose more heat threw their head so we got him good and bundled put his hat back on fed him and rechecked his temp and it was 97.3 so considering that to they want to make sure he isn't going to relapse and have to be placed back under the heat so they will be monitoring his temp more. As for me I am actually OK w/ this I know he is safer there and I just didn't feel ready also. I know he can't stay there forever but I want to make sure I'm not going to bring him home and something happen to him so I think a few more days in the NICU won't hurt and he may benifit more from it to and it gives me more time to adjust to the Fact he is coming home very soon. He is doing great tho they are increasing his Neosure calorie that they put in his breast milk to 27 cal. before they had it at 24 so maybe that will help him plump up :) he weighs 5 pounds exactly right now they did his hearing test and he passed he has had 2 eye exams and passed those and he passed his car seat trace so he is doing OK just got to get these few issues taken care of.

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