Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weight Update

Christian had a weight check today and is now a (drum roll please).........................A Whopping 6lbs 8oz I'm so proud LOL He is finally filling out his Preemie and Newborn clothes and has actually outgrown a few Preemie ones :) He still has allot of room to grow in some but there is a few he's finally fitting into allot better. He's now 8 weeks old and is going to be due for shots soon :( So he has a physical we need to get scheduled. He still has the sniffles he was better for a couple days but now sniffling again :( Me and the ped. discussed breastfeeding and pumping etc. b/c I have seen a decrease in my supply :( It's been hard to pump lately on schedule so that is possible a big role or I could be having a slow day. Anyway she has decided since Christian is stronger and his weight has been fantastic that it's now OK to start intoducing him to the breast every other feed or so. Give him 5-10 minits of trying and if he latches and does good great and if not that's fine to he is learning. And after still offer bottle. We tried earlier today and he did awesome he latched on great and nursed 10 min on each side. Wasn't the greatest but for him he did great. He also took an ounce and a half after and has been taking 2-21/2 oz I'm proud of him he is coming along way. I'm doing OK tiered allot as I don't get much sleep (comes w/ the mommy job lol) I go for my follow appt tomorrow at my OB I been feeling weak allot just typically drained feeling and I'm sure it's lack of sleep Over all I'm managing it. Today was the 1st day out w/ not having the older boys w/ me to help carry the little ones it was just me and the 4 little ones the oldest w/ me was 5 (acts like a 2 year old but going on 30 lol) SO it was a challenge but we did well. I so need a triple stroller I have a double but my hubby broke the latch and well it's old anyway so I need to invest in a triple it's just they are so expensive.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eye Exam & Sniffles

Yesterday Christian had his eye doc appt. After we got there of course I had to stand b/c there was so many patients. I swear that place was huge and every chair was full and loads of people standing. If I had to guess atleast 100+ were there The first thought I had was and they told me to not take him to crowded places. ARRGGG we were there for about 3 hours or so :( His exam went good His eyes were Dilated and the doc looked at him. He said so far all is still looking great that all his vessels etc. are developing on target. He wants to see him back in 6 months or sooner if I notice any issues. Nevaeh my daughter started getting sick the other day w/ the sniffles runny nose etc. I have been constantly sanitizing. Unfortunately now Christian has the sniffles and is coughing now :( I feel so horrible. After Nevaeh started getting sick I started giving him fresh milk instead of the frozen b/c fresh is better especially now that I am exposed to the illness etc. I thought maybe it will help. I was using my oldest milk etc. But now she got sick Fresh is what I am giving him in hopes it will help him. He also had his weight check yesterday and Nevaeh had her physical too. So the doc gave her a inhaler to help her wheezing since she is being stubborn and won't use her nebulizer. No infections were found so that was good. As for Christian he sounded good and looked good. She told me to use saline drops and call her immediately if he gets worse and to keep what I am doing that he looked great. He is now up to 6lbs 1oz His sniffles aren't too bad but it scares me he will get sicker KWIM? Plus today is Christian's Due date LOL and my b-day so he is technically ready to be born although he had other plans :) Last night I was feeding him and looked down at him and Cracked up he was being naughty......I attached a pic of what he was doing HEEHEE silly boy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Christian's Birth Announcement

I created Christian's Announcement today and thought I would share it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pedi. Appt.

We went in to see the pedi this morn. Christian's feeds has improved since our ER visit he takes anywere to 20-40mls and occasionaly he has took 45-55mls he's still somewhat sluggish otherwise better. I've took all the advice everyone has gave and tried it thanks to all :) His pedi agrees w/ me that maybe he is just adjusting to his new enviroment after all it's a BIG change considering he has so many more siblings lol. He has gained 4oz sice his discharge YAY he weighs 5lbs 9oz now and is 19in His exam looked great she said he looked good....she is getting all his tests from the ER visit to make sure she agrees that all looked OK.........We go back next week for a weight check and probly will continue to get weekly or every other week weight checks. Overall he seems to be doing much better.......Plus he is holding his temp allot better than before we have reached above 98 a few times hopefully he will keep it up :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

1st Trip to ER

Thursday when Christian got home he done well w/ his feeds, the next day (the 4th) he did OK he was sluggish and decreased some I just thought maybe he's tiered etc. he is transitioning in a new environment right? Well yesterday the 5th his feedings were decreasing more and more, when he left the hosp he was on a minimal 50ml every 3hrs and he could have what ever he wanted after that just as long as he got his 50 in. His feeds decreased so much he was only taking in anywhere from 10-20mls and occasionally he took 30 maybe one or two times a Little over that. Other than feeding issues he was doing OK alert etc. It still concerned me...Even what he did take in took him an hour just to get it down him. We thought maybe it was the nipples that maybe he got used to the Hosp ones. So I searched for one and thankfully fount one that was Nevaeh's I sterilized it and tried it but still he was so sluggish. So I called the pediatrician and she said take him to the ER for him to be evaluated. I took him in and they done blood work, X-rays, and cat scans. They wanted to make sure his shunt and blood was OK considering his history. So far all was good all his test came back OK SO they called up to the NICU he was at and the attending said for me to take him home and keep trying to feed him and watch him that if he gets worse come back to the ER to get him re-evaluated and first thing Monday make sure his ped sees him. I was pissed b/c my baby just isn't eating good and was worried he'll dehydrate or something. We came home and have been working w/ him all night every 2-3 hours we try and feed him so far one feed he got the full 50ml the others anywhere from 20-30. Is it possible he's missing the NICU after all he was in there 40 days I'm sure he got used to the staff (just a thought) He's still wetting his diapers etc he is alert and all just feeding has slacked. It's really worrying me

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Christian is HOME!!!

After a long wait Thursday for Christian to be discharged and a long drive we are finally home! Christian is doing OK as for me I guess you can say as OK as I can be. I constantly check his temp I am so afraid he is going to get cold. They told me to watch his temp b/c the side of his brain that has been damaged is in the area that controls your temp so in his case he gets cold easy. they said his lips may turn BLUE to I'm like now you tell me. So that is one thing that is driving me insane. I'm keeping his hat on him and have him in warm sleepers, a onsie, socks, wrapped up in 2 receiving blankets plus 1-2 soft blankets and so far his temp has only reached 97.9 and has dropped to 96.3 once but under his other arm it was 97 so not sure on that one. So I guess you can say I am trying to keep him comfy lol they said as long as his temp is 97 or higher then that's OK. I'm so afraid to Bath him b/c he might get too cold. I'm afraid I'll go to sleep and wake up and he will have his covers kicked off him and he will get too cold. It's really scary.....I'm usually scared I'll over heat them b/c that's a SIDS Risk factor (not to over heat your baby) but w/ him I'm scared he'll freeze. Other than that it's just all the other scares like will I over sleep and he'll miss a feeding, mixing his neosure wrong in his BM, he'll get sick like a cold or something etc. I'm doing ok other wise just the basic mommy worries We've developed a new routine lol feed baby cuddle longer if he wants after feeding, Lay baby down, pump, rest or tend to other things for 1-2 hours then start back over lol The other kids just Love him Especially Levi my 2 year old he's already give him loads of kisses :) He thinks he can play his game boy to so he's been trying to give baby the game :) Nevaeh my daughter is still hesitant but you can tell she loves him she's gave him loves already and held him :) she also likes to peep at him in his crib. Austin my oldest is out of town w/ my parents to Alabama so he hasn't got home yet, Isaiah, Nigel and Ethan just adore him. Isaiah done informed me no bully will ever pick on Christian b/c he will beat them up lol He said this after I showed him how you could see his shunt and tubing (He had asked to see) so he's already protective :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Off To Hospital

I'm getting ready to go to the Hosp. to get my baby boy I am so nervous, excited, axious, scared all in one. Christian gained another 70 grams thats like 2 oz I think YAY Way to go my baby boy! He had to do the car seat trace again b/c they have to do them with in 24hrs of going home and he Passed again. I sure hope I'm ready for this It's been a LONG 40 days in the NICU.....Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Going home Plan!!!

Christian's nurse called me to inform me they are planning on sending him home tomorrow He gained 1 1/2 oz's they want to monitor him one more night and recheck his weight to make sure all is good. She told me to try and be up at the hosp around 11ish so we can get everything sorted threw etc. I'm more comfy a little I think but still terrified. I'm excited to bring him home and be able to cuddle him and just love him but it's so scary to It's just so differant w/ him than the others and I know it's b/c he was so early and has had so much happen in his little life all ready. Also the Lactation called me to see how pumping is going and to make sure I was going to be able to continue to pump b/c we can't exclusivly breast feed yet b/c he needs extra callories right now so we have to put neosure in his milk to give him an extra 27 cal. Plus he is considered a "Special Needs" Baby and it can be more dificult nursing him compared to any other baby. Not that it's impossible it's just going to take more time and patience when we are able to put him to the breast. Anyway she is making sure WIC will cover me w/ my pump Thank God b/c I was affraid I wouldn't be able to pump if I had to return it after he was discharged. I'm still considering purchaseing one tho that way if he does finaly get to exclusivle BF then I will have a pump thats mine for those times I need a brake. So I will still be looking for one. Anyway I'll let everyone know tomorrow if he makes it home this time around lol.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Baby yet :(

Turns out Christian will not be coming home today. After the docs looked over his weight history they don't feel he has gained a good amount to convince them he is going to continue to grow good. In one week he lost 6oz and the last 2 days he has only gained 15 grams (not even an oz) back. So instead of sending him home and taking the risk of him having to come back they have decided it's in his best interest to keep him there maybe a few more days just to see what he is going to do. Plus his temp got down to 96.5 and they want him to be 97 or more, I noticed his hat was off and babies loose more heat threw their head so we got him good and bundled put his hat back on fed him and rechecked his temp and it was 97.3 so considering that to they want to make sure he isn't going to relapse and have to be placed back under the heat so they will be monitoring his temp more. As for me I am actually OK w/ this I know he is safer there and I just didn't feel ready also. I know he can't stay there forever but I want to make sure I'm not going to bring him home and something happen to him so I think a few more days in the NICU won't hurt and he may benifit more from it to and it gives me more time to adjust to the Fact he is coming home very soon. He is doing great tho they are increasing his Neosure calorie that they put in his breast milk to 27 cal. before they had it at 24 so maybe that will help him plump up :) he weighs 5 pounds exactly right now they did his hearing test and he passed he has had 2 eye exams and passed those and he passed his car seat trace so he is doing OK just got to get these few issues taken care of.