Monday, June 9, 2008

Waiting for results

Yesterday I got to nurse Christian for the 1st time :) it was so different to me my other babies were so big compared to him I just felt like he was so fragile and I was going to brake him lol, We did good tho he isn't the greatest but he is still learning to Suck. The Doc came in while I was there and she said his soft spot was starting to bulge so she definitely wanted his head US done in the morn first thing. If it shows he is significantly worse she wants to transfer him to another Hosp that has a pediatric Neurosurgeon so he can monitor him better. We are still unsure as to what this is going to lead to. Hopefully it will all clear up and nothing will need to be done. She said if it isn't to bad then they will watch him there and keep repeating his US late in the week. So I am sitting here waiting for her to call me w/ the results and the wait is killing me. I would be right there w/ him if I could and it's so hard that I can't. SO the wait is just going to drive me insane. On the other hand he is doing great the nurse said this morn he is up to 4 pounds 1 ounce and that is good because the other day he lost half an ounce. Honestly tho I wasn't surprised lol and here is why, While I was changing his diaper Sat. as soon as I took it off he pooped all over the place and I mean every were lol it was projectile he shot the walls, window, floor, and me lol everything. His nurse said he did her the same way earlier and that his previous nurses did warn her lol apparently he is getting all his nurses he even almost got his neighbors lol Twin girls, So as soon as that diaper goes off you have to look out. He has got a total of about 6 nurses so far and is still being a little snot lol SO I actually wasn't surprised when they said he lost half an ounce, I told him if he kept doing that all the nurses aren't going to want him lol I got me a little Stinker!

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