Friday, June 13, 2008

My baby had a STROKE!

Went in yesterday and met up w/ his Pediatric Neurologist, They done an MRI to see exactly what was going on, He said that Christian had a Stroke and he believed it happened in utero, due to the stroke he will need the shunt b/c he developed the hydrocephalus but they will not be able to do the surgery right now b/c of the blood on his brain, so they have to let that heal and fall off. He said maybe a couple of weeks then they will place the shunt. What this means for Christian is still the same we won't know until he gets older as to what has been affected etc. I asked the doc how could of he had a stroke in utero? He said it's hard to say but based on the MRI and his examination it was a Stroke, it could be were the cord was wrapped around his neck or maybe I had a blood pressure issue that I was unaware of it is hard to say he said. I am kinda confused and have allot of questions now that I didn't have when I was talking w/ him so I will be asking him allot next time I see him.

Today I talked on the phone w/ Christian's nurse I am to meet up w/ his docs in the morning around 9-10 They want to discuss w/ me about his diagnosis etc. and a game plan of treatment.Christian hasn't had a good day today he is in pain from all the pressure from the hydro, so they decided to do a procedure that is were they do a spinal tap and drain some fluid so they can relieve the pressure. They did the spinal tap unfortunately they didn't get as much as they hoped they wanted to get 20 but only got 6 and that was w/ 2 pokes and they didn't want to poke him any more. She said she has given him Tylenol that he cried for about an hour and a half after the procedure...poor guy....but right now he seems more better. I asked her about the stroke and and she said that is what they are saying happened and it's one thing they want to discuss w/ me he had what they call a hemorrhagic stroke while in utero and that is what caused the bleed and hydro. I'm not sure of what all they are going to discuss but his nurse said basically what challenges he may face and his treatment options right now b/c he is in pain is some of the things we will be discussing.

Anyway I did do some research on this and for those that would like to kinda understand this better here is a link that I thought helped w/ explaining it some what I'll let everyone know more when I talk to his doctors

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