Saturday, May 31, 2008

Late night Call from doctor

This morning I got a call at 4:30 A.M. I saw on the caller ID it was the Hospital.....My heart stopped and went to my stomach. I instantly picked the phone up. It was Christian's Doc, He was calling to inform me he was getting Sick, Aparently the antibiotics he is on was not responding and his skin got modeled, he was not very active and was just getting realy sick. His IV in his Left hand also got infected causing his arm and hand to significantly swell. The doc said he was starting new antibiotics and a cream for his hand and that even tho he is not showing signs of needing oxygen threw his nasal pap (I think is what it was called) that his stats were staying 100% that hewas going to go ahead and give him a little oxygen just to help him out. Well after getting off the phone I instantly started crying woke James up and explained things to him threw all my sniffels. He assured me Christian will be fine and remined me of what God has done for us and that he is being taken care of. He still wanted to call the NICU tho just to make sure all was OK and that he was Stable and that it wasn't uncommon in preemies for this to happen. So he called them and talked to his Nurse. So far he was stable etc. and James I am sure eased his mind.
I drove on up later this Morn while James stayed w/ the babies, When I got there I almost cryed. The nurse said he was actualy doing better than he was. They ran allot more test etc. And while I was there they took him of the billy lights b/c his Jaundice level was OK and they also took him off the nasal pap since he was holding his oxygen at 100% The tape irritaed his little Jaws tho but she said that should go down in a couple of days. So they are going to watch him and see if he keeps his levels down and keeps his stats up. He also hasn't had any apnea episodes so i think the caffiene may be doing the trick. He is still weak but while I was there he actualy started wiggling around, he didn't cry when they poked him but did wimper a little later when it was getting close to feeding time. His weight now is 3 pounds 9 oz. Ans so far he is still tolerating his feeds and each feeding they are increasing 1cc as long as he is tolerating them so well. He is up to 9cc when I left :) I didn't get to hold him today since he got so sick he needed his rest but I am glad I got to spend some time w/ him I hadn't seen him Since Wends. when I got released.
I did get in trouble tho by about 4 nurses and the baby beside Christians Mom lol......The nurse asked me if I drove up which is like about an hour drive. I said yes and every one gasped and said that I am not to be driving that you would be surprised by how many stomach muscles you use and I am to take it easy for 4-6 weeks and heal. She said that she actualy has seen moms be readmitted b/c the sutures inside busted open b/c they were doing to much and had to be packed etc. I realy wasn't aware of this but I told them I should be fine. I did notice I was in more pain but didn't think much of it b/c I didn't take any pain meds so I could drive. But what am I suposed to do there is not many that will help. I have to take care of the little ones so James can work and the weekend will probly be the only time I can actualy go visit him and James will keep the kids. Hopfully all that I am doing won't cause no harm but I am trying to take it easy but w/ a 1 and 2 year old thats not easy. Well I have written a novel hope all is well w/ everyone and please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christian is here!!!

It's been a rough couple of weeks.....On the 20th of May James stayed home from work so I could go to the hospital b/c I was contracting. Turned out I was 1cm dilated My doc came and got me took me down stairs to the office and did a trans vaginal US to see the cervical length and it was 2.8 cm so it was shortening. I got back upstairs at the labor hall They were trying to stop the contractions but they kept coming back. I had been back no more than an hour when the doc come back to check on me. He checked my cervix again and I was dilated to 2 So he was concerned I may be trying to deliver the baby so sent me to Central Baptist Hosp were they had a NICU in case. They managed to stop my labor and give me the steroid shots for the baby's lungs just in case. Finally on Friday the 23rd I was off all meds and no contractions, baby looked good and cervix hadn't changed so they sent me home. I laid around and took it easy Sat. the 24th I felt weired my lower back ached and I was feeling some pressure so I took my meds they sent me home w/ to take if I felt labor pains. I told James I was going to lay down for awhile. But every few minits I had to go to the restroom. Finally after getting up like the 20th time around 11:30 p.m. My WATER BROKE! I yelled at James he came running and I told him to call 911 I managed to make it to the living room and Layed in the floor till the ambulance arrived. The operator had James scared to death they were having him get blankets and everything just in case. They told him to get a shoe string and when he finaly fount one Austin yelled out there's the ambulance he threw that shoe string and took off getting it down the steps to let them in LOL As I was getting on the stretcher the ambulance guy told me to roll to my left side and as I did I hit him right in the Jaw w/ my hand LOL I felt so bad but he said that it was fine heehee. Well they get me to the hosp and they confirm it was my waters and I was still dialated 2. They call my doc he has them give me a dose of meds to stop my labor till they can get me back to Central Baptist. Another ambulace team came wich was the same ones I had last time they transferred me lol They rushed me up to the other hosp. The doc there continued to give me the meds to keep my labor stopped till the next morn. He came in that Sun morn and did a US baby looked OK but he said I had leaked all the water out. He decied to stop giving me the meds an if I went into labor he would deliver I had the steroid shots so that was a plus. He said if I didn't go into labor and as long as baby and me looked good he would let us hang out there till I was 34 weeks which that would of been 9 days later, then he would induce me, No labor started and baby and me looked good so they let me up to take a shower and took me to another room and only hooked me up to monitor a couple times a day or if I felt like I needed to be. I kept telling the nurse my back was aching and I felt bad they kept putting it off till it was there schedualed time well I hadn't felt the baby in a little while so they finaly hooked me back up. James had already gone back home so my mom and dad could take a brake. The first few minits things looked OK I was having contractions but then the baby's heart rate dropped Nurses came running put me on my side finaly after a few minits his heart rate went back up but was going up to high. Doc rushed in and checked me my cervix still no change and baby was crashing so he rushed me to the OR and delivered my precious boy by an emergency c section. Baby's cord was wrapped around his kneck and I had a strange big blood clot on the out side of my uterus that the doc didn't understand why was there. He sent the placenta off to a pathologist. James didn't arive in time but that was OK Our baby was out and safer than he was in. He was delivered at 10:36 p.m Sunday May 25th, 2008 weighing 4 pounds 5 ounces and 16 3/4 inches
Christian is doing good he is 4 days old now I got to come home yesterday and hate that I can't be w/ him but I know he is in good hands. He know weighs 3lbs 12.7 oz He is doing good except got a little Juandice but today his level looked better so they have him on a less stronge of a light. He also developed Brachicardia (Apnea were his heart rate is dropping) they said it wasn't uncommon in preemies and he should out grow it. They started him on Caffine today to help treat it and so far all is going well.
Well Thats a big update lol I hope everyone is doing good and Please Keep us in your prayers as we get threw these next few rough weeks.