Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad Night-Good Day

Monday night was a horrible night for Christian he cried and cried and cried all night the nurse tried everything possible from cuddling to pain meds to sooth him. His head was filling up w/ the CSF fluid by the minit and I am sure he had a headache. I called numerous times to check on him and couldn't sleep myself knowing he was over there in pain and I wasn't w/ him :( Finally around 7am the docs called and as you know that is going to scare you to DEATH they were concerned b/c his head has filled back up so fast w/ the fluid and he was in so much pain. So the surgeon decided he was going to do another Ventricular tap plus they needed more Fluid to send off to make sure he doesn't have an infection around his brain anyway b/c they can't place his shunt if he does have, they just was hopeing to wait another day or two but considering Christian's situation they were not going to wait. I had to go to town anyway (were Christian is at) so I didn't want to take the kids that way I could go see him and cuddle him b/c he had me so worried. So my mom offered to come sit w/ the Kids YAY lol SO I get there finally and OMG he looked so good his head didn't look like an alien lol like his dad said it had been looking like so to speak lol he was so peaceful calm and not in pain. He was moving around color looked good and he was SMILING. They also had started his feeds back and guess what he was sucking from a bottle not the greatest but he was trying.After I got home later that night I called to check on him and unfortunately his head was filling back up and the Docs were amazed by how fast it was. They did say so far all his cultures were looking good and looks like he may not have an infection so the plan is if confirmed no infection w/ in the next day or so they are planning on proceeding w/ the shunt. I just can't wait till we get him off this roller coaster and get him on a fast track of recovery. I'm going to be old and gray by the time he comes home I have worried so much.

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