Sunday, June 15, 2008

Christian's weekend

Christian had a really rough weekend, Sat me and James met up w/ him neurologist and he explained to us what had happened to Christian, Basically there has been numerous docs looking at him and all the test and it has been confirmed by all them he did have a STROKE. Sometime in utero around just before he was born they think all this happened. He said it wasn't a little stroke it was a BIG one. It has damaged about a golf ball size of his brain so considering his size that's a good size. I asked if he also had the IVH bleed to and said that the bleed come from the stroke but it was like a IVH bleed but his bleed was more severe than the typical IVH. We still won't know what will be affected but he believes possibly vision to some extint and some stiffness and maybe trouble moving fingers, he said he may have trouble in school etc. It;s to hard to say right now. They are definitely going to put in the shunt possible sooner than thought b/c his had has enlarged so much it's at 34 cm right now that's like 13 1/2 inches. I asked if this was common and he said yes and no as for him it is he has seen it in the NICU but as for the outside world no. SO that's pretty much what we all talked about. As for Christian Sat was a bad day, they attempted to do another spinal tap to relieve some pressure and didn't succeed. He also started having bloody stools so they stopped his feed to see why, they checked his bottom and nothing there so now they are looking into that. He was also low on blood so they had to transfuse him. He constantly cried b/c he was in pain all day I had to reposition him every 30 min to an hour to comfort him. His heart rate also was dropping but it would go right back up. Finally late that night after they were giving him the blood he settled down a little so instead of staying I went on home to try and rest. I called when I got home and he started acting back up his heart rate kept dropping and he was fussy. SO I felt so bad for leaving him and didn't get any rest. The next day Sun. I called before I was heading up and spoke to one of his docs and b/c of his pain and heart drops they talked to his surgeon and he wanted them to try the spinal tap one more time and if it was not successful to do a ventricular tap they spinal didn't work so they did a ventricular tap were they went threw his soft spot w/ a needle and drained it that way they succeeded and got like 20 cc YAY his nurse said that as they were draining it he relaxed as if it was the biggest relief. SO all day yesterday he slept I didn't even touch him much b/c he was feeling better and was resting. His heart rate drops were also less frequent. They had to lower his fluids b/c his sodium is low they said his body is hanging onto the fluid and his output is low so they lowered his fluids and are giving him some sodium to help. His protein in his spinal fluid is abnormally high they said that was normal b/c of the bleed so as the blood is braking down it's causing high protein. SO Sun he was feeling better we just got to get him lined out so they can put his shunt in. This morn when I called they are waiting on the surgeon to see what he wants to do plus calling other docs in to see why he had bloody stools. His nurse said compared to his weekend he is having a great morn. He is still hurting but seems to calm easily. Hopefully I have remembered most of it right now we are just waiting to see what the docs next plan is. Thanks you all for your support and prayers I so appreciate it.

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