Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taking All Bottles :)

It's been 2days now that Christian has took all his bottles (YAY) It feels like such an acomplishment for him and makes me so proud. Hopefully he will no longer have his feeding tube in his little nose soon. They tried to wean him of the heat yesterday but that didn't go over to well w/ him (I think he is dreaming of a FL vacation laying out in the sun lol) he got cold so they said they will try and let his body adjust more from all the changes and try again in a couple days. It's funny b/c he was controling his own temp before he started going down hill but they said it was normal b/c of what his body has went threw w/ the fluid on his brain and now the shunt along w/ every thing else. Hopefully he will come off the heat soon. Well I am off to the hosp. hope everyone is doing good

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