Friday, June 6, 2008

Routine Head Ultrasound

Christian is now back up to 4 pounds exactly he is in a crib holding his own temp, the antibiotics have been stopped and no longer has an IV, his hand is better from the infection from the IV, they are feeding him from bottle every other feed to learn him to suck, They did a head US yesterday and finaly the doc called me today they were hoping I would of came in but w/ my little ones at home I wasn't able to so he gave me the results over the phone, Christian has a Grade 3 bleed on the left side of his brain I am not completely sure what all this means since it is hard to explain over the phone w/ out the docs basicly drawing it out for you, he said he will be doing another Head US mon or Tues. and see were we go from there he said it may lead to a shunt but it's hard to say at this point but they will be Closely watching him. He said when I come in tomorrow to make sure to ask for one of the docs so they can come over and explain it all better to me. Also he mentioned they are going to get physical therapy in and start working w/ him. He said that they don't worry to much on Grade 1 and 2 but 3 and 4 can lead to more serious things causing dammage. Anyway this has realy upseted me and has me SCARED to death...I am putting all my strength in God but it's so hard I tend to think the worst and just can't help it. Thanks for all the prayers and please continue to pray, Christian has alread acomplished so much and I beleive he can this to.

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