Saturday, May 31, 2008

Late night Call from doctor

This morning I got a call at 4:30 A.M. I saw on the caller ID it was the Hospital.....My heart stopped and went to my stomach. I instantly picked the phone up. It was Christian's Doc, He was calling to inform me he was getting Sick, Aparently the antibiotics he is on was not responding and his skin got modeled, he was not very active and was just getting realy sick. His IV in his Left hand also got infected causing his arm and hand to significantly swell. The doc said he was starting new antibiotics and a cream for his hand and that even tho he is not showing signs of needing oxygen threw his nasal pap (I think is what it was called) that his stats were staying 100% that hewas going to go ahead and give him a little oxygen just to help him out. Well after getting off the phone I instantly started crying woke James up and explained things to him threw all my sniffels. He assured me Christian will be fine and remined me of what God has done for us and that he is being taken care of. He still wanted to call the NICU tho just to make sure all was OK and that he was Stable and that it wasn't uncommon in preemies for this to happen. So he called them and talked to his Nurse. So far he was stable etc. and James I am sure eased his mind.
I drove on up later this Morn while James stayed w/ the babies, When I got there I almost cryed. The nurse said he was actualy doing better than he was. They ran allot more test etc. And while I was there they took him of the billy lights b/c his Jaundice level was OK and they also took him off the nasal pap since he was holding his oxygen at 100% The tape irritaed his little Jaws tho but she said that should go down in a couple of days. So they are going to watch him and see if he keeps his levels down and keeps his stats up. He also hasn't had any apnea episodes so i think the caffiene may be doing the trick. He is still weak but while I was there he actualy started wiggling around, he didn't cry when they poked him but did wimper a little later when it was getting close to feeding time. His weight now is 3 pounds 9 oz. Ans so far he is still tolerating his feeds and each feeding they are increasing 1cc as long as he is tolerating them so well. He is up to 9cc when I left :) I didn't get to hold him today since he got so sick he needed his rest but I am glad I got to spend some time w/ him I hadn't seen him Since Wends. when I got released.
I did get in trouble tho by about 4 nurses and the baby beside Christians Mom lol......The nurse asked me if I drove up which is like about an hour drive. I said yes and every one gasped and said that I am not to be driving that you would be surprised by how many stomach muscles you use and I am to take it easy for 4-6 weeks and heal. She said that she actualy has seen moms be readmitted b/c the sutures inside busted open b/c they were doing to much and had to be packed etc. I realy wasn't aware of this but I told them I should be fine. I did notice I was in more pain but didn't think much of it b/c I didn't take any pain meds so I could drive. But what am I suposed to do there is not many that will help. I have to take care of the little ones so James can work and the weekend will probly be the only time I can actualy go visit him and James will keep the kids. Hopfully all that I am doing won't cause no harm but I am trying to take it easy but w/ a 1 and 2 year old thats not easy. Well I have written a novel hope all is well w/ everyone and please continue to keep us in your prayers.

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