Saturday, September 27, 2008

Christian is being put in the Hospital

I'm going to type this quick, When we went in for Christian's other shot the Dr. Vogt called and spoke w/ me. Christian's urine cultures are growing a bacteria and it looks serious. I have to have him up at children's by 3pm They are putting him in the hosp and we are not sure how long he'll be there. She said until his urine comes back neg. This is all I know right now so pray for Christian.


kalebroo said...


It's going around I tell ya! Zoe was so sick the ped. was coming to my house to make sure she was still doing good! Sending tons of prayers your way and hoping he comes home soon!

christie said...


praying for strength for you. and sending lots of prayer your way


Maritza said...

You both will be in our prayers. So sad this little guy has to go through more than he already has. Be strong and God Bless.

Leona said...

I hope he is doing better, I will be checking in on here for an update... I hope you are feeling okay, and not to exhausted:( MAKE sure you try and take care of yourself too!