Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Home from the Hospital!

Christian got to come home Monday, he had a bad UTI and they said when babies this young get infections it can be a sign something is up w/ his Kidneys. The Ultrasound of his kidneys came back OK, but we go back the 9th or a bladder test to see if he's refluxing. Untill we find out the results he stays on antibiotics. Thankfully we had already had a shot of the antibiotic before being put in the hospital, that gave him a good start. They kept him on IV meds and his urine cultures looked good so the meds done their job. After 24hrs of no sign of fever we got to come home.

It's funny it's like I have a new child lol, he feels so much better, playful, has his appetite back, and just so happy. Thanks for all the prayers

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