Friday, September 26, 2008

These last couple days!

These last couple days has been very hectic here to say the least. Christian started not feeling well yesterday morning, We went ahead and took the boys onto their dentist appt. (5 in one appt!) After a couple of hours in the Dentist office, well I was ready to go home. We got home and I noticed Christian felt warmer than usual, so I took his temp and it was 100.6 So I instantly called the doc. They set his appt for later that evening @ 5:20 but the doc called and said she wanted him in there now! So back to town we went. No known illnesses were seen so after a couple attempts of getting a blood culture didn't work out she sent us to our city hosp. and we were to see her the next day back in the office. we get to the hosp. and they also had no luck w/ getting a culture drawn :( they went ahead and did the CBC though threw a heel prick.

Threw out the night his fever stayed the same (low grade) but he was fussy and sluggish w/ his feeds. The next morn after being up all night I was trying to rest when the phone rang. It was Dr.Vogts office telling me she wanted him in there ASAP!

We get in and he is taken on back, his WBC was elevated to 17000 not to high but enough for her to be concern b/c of his history. Worried it may be a shunt infection she calls neurosurgery to see what they recommend. Well they want us to watch him and if his fever spikes high to rush him to Children's they said they trust me to take him home and Know I'll bring him in instantly If I thought he needed to be seen.

Dr. Vogt still wanted a blood culture so I agreed and she sent him to there local hosp that had Nursery nurses to draw the blood. YAY it was a success. They also did another CBC. SO we went back home.

We wasn't home long and she calls. Christian's WBC is up to 28000 so she doesn't want to play around and wants him in the office for a antibiotic shot and back in the morn for another one. So back we went to the office.

My poor guy got a shot in the buttocks :( (OUCH!!!)

Basically I'm keeping a close eye on Christian and hopefully the cultures come back normal. We are hoping this is viral.

Other than all that Chaos it's going OK, I'm really tiered. James is out of town and been gone since Wednesday working. hopefully he'll be home tomorrow.

Potty time hasn't been going well, all that's been going on it's kinda been put on the back burner. I'm still trying to work w/ them but running here and there well it's kinda hard to get them to potty some were else. That's OK tho Christian is our main concern.

Keep him in your Prayers

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That's EXACTLY what happend to Zoe, they never really were able to tell what it was. The only difference was her urine and blood cultures didn't grow anything and she had very high fevers, 104 and such.