Saturday, September 6, 2008

Surgery Update

Christian went threw his surgery just Great! It took about 1-2 hours and it felt like forever for me. I anxiously waited, I was so nervous and scare. I was able to monitor were he was at by his patient number by looking at this big computer. After about 30min after they took him back his nurse called to the surgery waiting to let me know that Christian went to sleep w/ no problems and that Dr. Skinner had made the first cut and to expect about 1- 1 1/2 hours before procedure is done. It seemed like the longest wait, It was allot longer than his Shunt surgery. Finally I saw on the computer board that he was out of surgery. So I waited and it wasn't but a minit or two and I saw Dr. Skinner come into the surgery waiting area, He waved for me and James to go in the conference room w/ him. He said Christian did Great that his Hernia was repaired and that he had allot of Fluid and they drained that out to and fixed that. He didn't look on the left side but there is a chance he may develop one there (I hope not) but if he does we will be right back at children's to get it done lol.

After about 30 minits later we were taken back to recovery and Christian was screaming, He was throwing a fit. I instantly got him and he looked at me w/ his big dark blue eyes and calmed down after a moment. (He just wanted his mama) After about an hour James had to leave to go to work. We really can't afford for him to of stayed so as hard as it was he went on his way.

(In Recovery)

We waited in Recovery forever b/c they didn't have any beds up stairs so after a few hours they finally got his room all set and ready. We got up there and the nurses got him all set up. He was hooked to monitors to watch his breathing, heart and oxygen levels.

(After we got to our room)

It went pretty well threw out the rest of the day. Christian actually seemed allot happier, He was smiling and just cooing away. He did however get really cranky a few times so I think he needed some pain meds but after that he was OK. Dr. Skinner came in a few times to check on him and see how he was doing.

(Laughing at mommy)

Surprisingly the little baby beside Christian was also from the same county as us lol Even our 5 year old's had the same teacher It was pretty cool. Also Lisa came by to visit, She is baby Aiden's mom, Aiden is a preemie to and him and Christian were also neighbors in the NICU it was realy great seeing her and having a little Chat. I don't miss the NICU but I do miss the parents and Nurses I got to know. So it was a really nice visit!

Threw out the night Christian made a few alarms but nothing he didn't fix on his own so that was good. Dr. Skinner came in the morning and checked Christian out and released us to go home.

On Our way out we stopped and chatted w/ one of the girls we got to know at the NICU that worked there and that was also nice. It's funny how you miss those little chats lol.

Christian is doing great still, he seems more happier now. He is the most active baby lol he constantly is wiggling and kicking lol I love it! Just watching all that he is doing right now lifts my spirits and helps me know that my Baby is going to be OK and prove all those doctors Wrong.

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Marge said...


He is SO strong. Look at how great he looks. A Momma's love and TLC can be just what a sick little one needs. I KNOW he's gonna go above and beyond Dr.'s expectations. YOU GO BIG BOY!!!!!!!