Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weight Update

Christian had a weight check today and is now a (drum roll please).........................A Whopping 6lbs 8oz I'm so proud LOL He is finally filling out his Preemie and Newborn clothes and has actually outgrown a few Preemie ones :) He still has allot of room to grow in some but there is a few he's finally fitting into allot better. He's now 8 weeks old and is going to be due for shots soon :( So he has a physical we need to get scheduled. He still has the sniffles he was better for a couple days but now sniffling again :( Me and the ped. discussed breastfeeding and pumping etc. b/c I have seen a decrease in my supply :( It's been hard to pump lately on schedule so that is possible a big role or I could be having a slow day. Anyway she has decided since Christian is stronger and his weight has been fantastic that it's now OK to start intoducing him to the breast every other feed or so. Give him 5-10 minits of trying and if he latches and does good great and if not that's fine to he is learning. And after still offer bottle. We tried earlier today and he did awesome he latched on great and nursed 10 min on each side. Wasn't the greatest but for him he did great. He also took an ounce and a half after and has been taking 2-21/2 oz I'm proud of him he is coming along way. I'm doing OK tiered allot as I don't get much sleep (comes w/ the mommy job lol) I go for my follow appt tomorrow at my OB I been feeling weak allot just typically drained feeling and I'm sure it's lack of sleep Over all I'm managing it. Today was the 1st day out w/ not having the older boys w/ me to help carry the little ones it was just me and the 4 little ones the oldest w/ me was 5 (acts like a 2 year old but going on 30 lol) SO it was a challenge but we did well. I so need a triple stroller I have a double but my hubby broke the latch and well it's old anyway so I need to invest in a triple it's just they are so expensive.

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