Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Going home Plan!!!

Christian's nurse called me to inform me they are planning on sending him home tomorrow He gained 1 1/2 oz's they want to monitor him one more night and recheck his weight to make sure all is good. She told me to try and be up at the hosp around 11ish so we can get everything sorted threw etc. I'm more comfy a little I think but still terrified. I'm excited to bring him home and be able to cuddle him and just love him but it's so scary to It's just so differant w/ him than the others and I know it's b/c he was so early and has had so much happen in his little life all ready. Also the Lactation called me to see how pumping is going and to make sure I was going to be able to continue to pump b/c we can't exclusivly breast feed yet b/c he needs extra callories right now so we have to put neosure in his milk to give him an extra 27 cal. Plus he is considered a "Special Needs" Baby and it can be more dificult nursing him compared to any other baby. Not that it's impossible it's just going to take more time and patience when we are able to put him to the breast. Anyway she is making sure WIC will cover me w/ my pump Thank God b/c I was affraid I wouldn't be able to pump if I had to return it after he was discharged. I'm still considering purchaseing one tho that way if he does finaly get to exclusivle BF then I will have a pump thats mine for those times I need a brake. So I will still be looking for one. Anyway I'll let everyone know tomorrow if he makes it home this time around lol.

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