Sunday, July 6, 2008

1st Trip to ER

Thursday when Christian got home he done well w/ his feeds, the next day (the 4th) he did OK he was sluggish and decreased some I just thought maybe he's tiered etc. he is transitioning in a new environment right? Well yesterday the 5th his feedings were decreasing more and more, when he left the hosp he was on a minimal 50ml every 3hrs and he could have what ever he wanted after that just as long as he got his 50 in. His feeds decreased so much he was only taking in anywhere from 10-20mls and occasionally he took 30 maybe one or two times a Little over that. Other than feeding issues he was doing OK alert etc. It still concerned me...Even what he did take in took him an hour just to get it down him. We thought maybe it was the nipples that maybe he got used to the Hosp ones. So I searched for one and thankfully fount one that was Nevaeh's I sterilized it and tried it but still he was so sluggish. So I called the pediatrician and she said take him to the ER for him to be evaluated. I took him in and they done blood work, X-rays, and cat scans. They wanted to make sure his shunt and blood was OK considering his history. So far all was good all his test came back OK SO they called up to the NICU he was at and the attending said for me to take him home and keep trying to feed him and watch him that if he gets worse come back to the ER to get him re-evaluated and first thing Monday make sure his ped sees him. I was pissed b/c my baby just isn't eating good and was worried he'll dehydrate or something. We came home and have been working w/ him all night every 2-3 hours we try and feed him so far one feed he got the full 50ml the others anywhere from 20-30. Is it possible he's missing the NICU after all he was in there 40 days I'm sure he got used to the staff (just a thought) He's still wetting his diapers etc he is alert and all just feeding has slacked. It's really worrying me

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