Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eye Exam & Sniffles

Yesterday Christian had his eye doc appt. After we got there of course I had to stand b/c there was so many patients. I swear that place was huge and every chair was full and loads of people standing. If I had to guess atleast 100+ were there The first thought I had was and they told me to not take him to crowded places. ARRGGG we were there for about 3 hours or so :( His exam went good His eyes were Dilated and the doc looked at him. He said so far all is still looking great that all his vessels etc. are developing on target. He wants to see him back in 6 months or sooner if I notice any issues. Nevaeh my daughter started getting sick the other day w/ the sniffles runny nose etc. I have been constantly sanitizing. Unfortunately now Christian has the sniffles and is coughing now :( I feel so horrible. After Nevaeh started getting sick I started giving him fresh milk instead of the frozen b/c fresh is better especially now that I am exposed to the illness etc. I thought maybe it will help. I was using my oldest milk etc. But now she got sick Fresh is what I am giving him in hopes it will help him. He also had his weight check yesterday and Nevaeh had her physical too. So the doc gave her a inhaler to help her wheezing since she is being stubborn and won't use her nebulizer. No infections were found so that was good. As for Christian he sounded good and looked good. She told me to use saline drops and call her immediately if he gets worse and to keep what I am doing that he looked great. He is now up to 6lbs 1oz His sniffles aren't too bad but it scares me he will get sicker KWIM? Plus today is Christian's Due date LOL and my b-day so he is technically ready to be born although he had other plans :) Last night I was feeding him and looked down at him and Cracked up he was being naughty......I attached a pic of what he was doing HEEHEE silly boy!

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