Saturday, July 5, 2008

Christian is HOME!!!

After a long wait Thursday for Christian to be discharged and a long drive we are finally home! Christian is doing OK as for me I guess you can say as OK as I can be. I constantly check his temp I am so afraid he is going to get cold. They told me to watch his temp b/c the side of his brain that has been damaged is in the area that controls your temp so in his case he gets cold easy. they said his lips may turn BLUE to I'm like now you tell me. So that is one thing that is driving me insane. I'm keeping his hat on him and have him in warm sleepers, a onsie, socks, wrapped up in 2 receiving blankets plus 1-2 soft blankets and so far his temp has only reached 97.9 and has dropped to 96.3 once but under his other arm it was 97 so not sure on that one. So I guess you can say I am trying to keep him comfy lol they said as long as his temp is 97 or higher then that's OK. I'm so afraid to Bath him b/c he might get too cold. I'm afraid I'll go to sleep and wake up and he will have his covers kicked off him and he will get too cold. It's really scary.....I'm usually scared I'll over heat them b/c that's a SIDS Risk factor (not to over heat your baby) but w/ him I'm scared he'll freeze. Other than that it's just all the other scares like will I over sleep and he'll miss a feeding, mixing his neosure wrong in his BM, he'll get sick like a cold or something etc. I'm doing ok other wise just the basic mommy worries We've developed a new routine lol feed baby cuddle longer if he wants after feeding, Lay baby down, pump, rest or tend to other things for 1-2 hours then start back over lol The other kids just Love him Especially Levi my 2 year old he's already give him loads of kisses :) He thinks he can play his game boy to so he's been trying to give baby the game :) Nevaeh my daughter is still hesitant but you can tell she loves him she's gave him loves already and held him :) she also likes to peep at him in his crib. Austin my oldest is out of town w/ my parents to Alabama so he hasn't got home yet, Isaiah, Nigel and Ethan just adore him. Isaiah done informed me no bully will ever pick on Christian b/c he will beat them up lol He said this after I showed him how you could see his shunt and tubing (He had asked to see) so he's already protective :)

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