Monday, July 7, 2008

Pedi. Appt.

We went in to see the pedi this morn. Christian's feeds has improved since our ER visit he takes anywere to 20-40mls and occasionaly he has took 45-55mls he's still somewhat sluggish otherwise better. I've took all the advice everyone has gave and tried it thanks to all :) His pedi agrees w/ me that maybe he is just adjusting to his new enviroment after all it's a BIG change considering he has so many more siblings lol. He has gained 4oz sice his discharge YAY he weighs 5lbs 9oz now and is 19in His exam looked great she said he looked good....she is getting all his tests from the ER visit to make sure she agrees that all looked OK.........We go back next week for a weight check and probly will continue to get weekly or every other week weight checks. Overall he seems to be doing much better.......Plus he is holding his temp allot better than before we have reached above 98 a few times hopefully he will keep it up :)

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