Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A little Update of my crazy life!

Well it's been a rather interesting month and what a first few days I have had.

OK Christian update he is doing good up to 8 pounds 2 oz 20 and a quarter inches he's really alert and acts just like a little newborn would, he can hold his head up for some time and move it around like he is looking at everyone, he is starting to show some expressions like smiling etc. I actually dried up in my breast milk unfortunately but I still have some frozen actually allot still so that's good :) A few weeks ago we had to go to the ER he went on a screaming fit and I couldn't console him at all, I went to change his diaper and his scrotum was dark BLUE I instantly buckled him in his seat called my BF told her to meet me at the ER B/C I had 4 kids w/ me all under 5. We get there and they rush him back only to say no his scrotum was fine that it was his shunt malfunctioning so they rush us on an ambulance take us to the children's hosp, Scare me to death now I am worried about 2 things, well they checked him out his shunt is fine and it is his scrotum they believe his intestines may of twisted and fixed there self by the time we got there, they sent us home said he may have a hernia. Well I take him to his ped as I feel it just doesn't look right and yeah he definitely has a hernia and needs surgery so he sees the surgeons the 22nd to make a plan of action, he's still congested and they think he is developing allergies :( Over all right now he is doing OK, I got him enrolled into First Steps (early intervention program) and they are getting PT and DI out to work w/ him since he qualified. I also talked to his ped about signing up for disability b/c medicaid is already trying to get us to purchase ins. for him, I can't afford it on me let alone him, She highly recommended me sign him out. I really hate that I need to and it bothers me some, I guess just the fact he is technically being considered disabled, Anyone feel this way? I wouldn't sign him up but I can't afford any ins. My other kids started school today and last night while I was getting their school clothes out (I had them put away so they wouldn't get ruined) I noticed all the pant I got for my 10 year old were 12's (he's in 10's) OMG I can't believe I did that, him and my oldest are on dress code so now he has no pants and I can't take them back b/c all are bargain meaning bought at good will yard sales etc. (I can't afford new) Luckily they fitted my oldest but it still left him w/ out pants so off I went to walmart to purchase a pair of pant 15 bucks OUCH those things are expensive, Thankfully the other day I fount 10's at goodwill and bought them so that's another 2 pair so hopefully I'll find some more bargains soon b/c I'm on a very tight budget, School supplies that I didn't have alone cost me 60 bucks yesterday and that wasn't all they needed, so ridicules of what things cost anymore. My 5 year old went for his kindergarten round up this morn. Were I take him and he meets his teacher finds out if morn or afternoon class etc. Well it was me him and the 3 little ones age 2, 1 and almost 3 months, Well we get in there and guess what I notice....My shirt is on inside out LOL I'm sure I got some looks lol, then Ethan didn't want to hang his person we made up so my and the teacher was talking and I noticed Nevaeh wasn't beside me, I find her around the corner watching the school kids, I get her and go back to finish talking to the teacher, a few minits go by and I look at Levi then Christian then Ethan, But hey wait a minit were is Nevaeh....I ran up and down the halls screaming her name can't find her, I'm getting hysterical tears coming to my eyes., Teacher asks me who did I loose and I said my daughter she was just here so I go running screaming like a maniac again for her and the teacher says MAM CALM DOWN SHE'S ON YOUR HIP! I felt like a idiot I didn't even realize she was in my arm LOL After that I was done so we left to go get something to eat then to Goodwill to see if I can find some more pants Well I go to pay for our food and the lady say mom we can't accept this and I say what do you mean it's a debit card, she says no mam we don't accept food stamps OMG I am going crazy So after that I went strait home lol What A wild day!

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