Saturday, October 18, 2008

Up Up And AWAY!!!!!!

(Waiting Patiently NOT!!!)

Sat. was a big day for my 3 oldest boys (Austin, Isaiah, & Nigel) Our local airport has a program for children that they do 2X a year. It's called The Young Eagles, Children are given a Free airplane ride. This was our first year participating, I was so glad I fount out about it as I didn't get to do anything w/ them b/c of Christian being born early and been so sick this Summer. So I felt this would be a GREAT Experience for them. They rode the plane together and had a BLAST! I had Austin take a Camera and he took some pics but mostly of his self LOL They were up in the air aprox. about 20+ minits. Austin sat in Front and Actually got to steer the plain a Little! It was priceless to see their Smiles as they were Walking Back.

(Nigel Looking out)

(Isaiah all Proud)

(Austin probably thinking HAHA I got the Front Seat LOL)

(One of the scenery pics Austin Took)
(Their Back!)
(Safe & Sound)


~Jobthingy~ said...

that is so neat :)

lucky boys they are.

i am one of the moms from hemikids. thought i would pop in and say hello :)

Leona said...

How fun for them! They dont even look scared, I know I would be:)

Hey go over to my blog, I gave you a blog award, go get it!!!!