Friday, October 17, 2008

NICU Graduate Clinic Follow Up

Thursday Christian had a follow up appt. at the NICU Graduate Clinic. I expected them to say the worst as that's what I seem to always expect any more. Amazingly it went really well, Christian saw one of the doctors who took care of him in the NICU and well this is the one that said the worst. She said he may never walk, talk etc. basically the worst any parent could ever hear about their child. When she examined Christian she was so amazed of how well he's doing. She said she didn't expect to see him doing this well, that I was doing a great job. She come back to his room 3X just to see him b/c she was so surprised. She also had to take him and show him off. She was glad I went ahead and got him enrolled into the early intervention program instead of waiting. He gets DI 1X a week and PT 1X every other week. Considering Christian's history and right now his brain needs to be learned and all his motor areas need to be more focused on. The doctor and their PT wants him to up is PT to 1X a week. Christian has gotten a little stiff but something not uncommon in preemies we just don't want to neglect those areas especially w/ him. I have noticed some decrease here lately in his right side, one thing I was aware that may happen. I'm trying to get a hold of his PT right now to push for his therapies, Still no luck. I'm going to think positive for my child, He's come this far and he's already showed the docs he's no quiter but he is a FIGHTER!

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kalebroo said...

way to go christian!! keep up the good work!!