Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby # 9....Peanut in the Making!

I went in for my 1st OB Appt. Today for Baby # 9, It went really well. I've been Spotting for this Last week and was concerned, especially after going to the ER and they done a Ultrasound and heart rate was 95 so it was low and they considered I was possibly having a Miscarriage. Today My OB Doc did another US and baby looks Great, My Little Peanut's HR was at 124 so all looked good I'm due around Christian's 1st B-day lol. He said for me to take it easy for theses next 4 weeks ( Easier said than Done LOL ) I talked to him about my delivery w/ Christian and all. He looked threw all the paper work and there was no indication why he was born. The Pathology report on the placenta was OK basically we may never know. He said I have a increased Chance of 30 - 40% to have this baby Early too, B/C of my History and now Having Christian as early as I did. He said when I hit the 2ND Trimester I'll be CLOSELY WATCHED. I may also need another C-Section He said he won't recommend me Laboring Long b/c it's only been 5 months now and I'm Technically not completely back to Normal, Not to Mention this is the 9Th baby so my Uterus is really Weak so there is a good Chance now that there is Previous scar tissue that my uterus won't be able to handle labor. So we will have to wait and see how that works out. He's OK w/ me having Vaginal just doesn't want it prolonged. He said if I come in dilated 6 or that my Labor is going OK and no indication of any Rupture happening then he's OK trying a VBAC but he doesn't want my body in to much distress and me rupturing my uterus. It would be different if this was my 2ND baby but this is my 9Th so that has to be played into consideration. We will wait and see what happens after all I'm only 7 weeks so we have time to discuss it later on.

(Little Peanut Baby # 9)

Everyone else is doing good, The bigger kids are in School doing there thing each day (being typical boys lol) Levi goes for his preschool screening the 20Th he's talking some more but here lately he's going back to his screaming and whining lol. Nevaeh is a HAM she is my Girl and Knows it she is so ROTTEN! Christian is doing Good, He got his 1st Synagis shot on the 9Th, We didn't get the bladder test done b/c my Van broke down :( We are rescheduled for the 27Th. He goes to the NICU Graduate Clinic this Wednesday. He's now finally reached 11pounds! He's still little but catching up slowly.

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