Monday, January 19, 2009

Everyday Life!

It's been forever since I posted a new blog. Allot has happened, the Kids had a great x-mass and has really enjoyed their time off from school. I was glad to see it start back tho lol! My New Year consisted of Levi coming to me screaming and crying he had a Boo Boo exactly when the clock struck 12am, Now every since then It's been Boo Boo central at my house lol.

Nevaeh has been a little Princess at least she thinks she is LOL She has been loving playing dress up and her dolls!

Christian seen the Neurologist and is definitely diagnosed w/ Mild CP, Dr. Robertson is hopeful it will remain Mild. We go the 29Th for a EEG to make sure no seizure activity, since Christian has had some episodes at night waking up gasping we want to make sure. If EEG is normal we won't go back till a year. On the 28Th we go for a barium swallow study to rule out reflux or any abnormalities there that could be causing these problems. Christian Also seen Dr. Howell The opthamologist and he has allot of astigmatism in his left eye and is far sighted so he got him some new Glasses. He's been trying so hard to hold onto Toys now, and loves trying to sit up! He will be starting PT 2X a week soon and OT is starting this week. Not to mention DI 1 X a week and Speech should start in the next month or two!

Other than all that we have just been busy w/ everday life!

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