Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy 5th B-Day in Heaven Lucas

Today my little Lucas is 5 years old. It seems like Yesterday when I held him in my Arms. I miss him so much, it can be unbearable at times. I sit and wonder all the what ifs and think of how it would be if he was still here. But then I think of how much he has changed me for the Better and what my faith is now b/c of him.

Happy 5th B-Day Lucas I miss you SO Much!


Leona said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!!! I know exactly how you feel:( Phillip would have been four on November 11... IT never gets easier does it?!
Love the story about Christian saying "da da" TOO CUTE!!

Betty said...

I went to follow another blog and ended up following you so thought I'd come check it out. You have some beautiful pictures on your blog.

Ugochi said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! I know you are enjoying God's presence.
Jess, I know you look forward to meet him someday, do not lose that. Have a great weekend!