Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NICU Graduate Clinic Follow Up

Christian had his NICU Graduate Appt. this morning. On his scoring they give him 2 months b/c he was 2 months early except for speech, He scored 100 in his cognitive area, 73 for Motor and 74 for Speech. They said considering his History and by looking at his chart they expected him to be way far more behind, that he was doing so AMAZING considering his History! He is however Stiff and weak in his right arm and Hand which we already knew He also holds is Hand in a fist most of the time. I did notice his right leg seemed a little Stiff but was unsure and he is also Stiff there and in both legs but more on the Right side they said. We were to see the Neurologist Monday but due to the Weather it got Canceled and we won 't go back till Jan. He has been getting PT 1X a Week and DI 1X a Week we are going to be Starting OT ASAP and plan to have Speech Therapy by Jan


Christian had his Shunt Revision on Nov. 25th due to Malfunction. The only symptoms basically were Head increasing in size and soft spot. Anyway he had also Deviating eyes and sunsetting. They looked better till last night I noticed his Left eye was Deviating again and was not equal w/ the other. I did Mention this w/ the NICU Doc and he looked and did note that w/ the light shinning into his eyes they are not the same that one is were it should be and the other isn't. Basically What I already seen. Christian has his opthamology appt. in Jan. also and the doc said it should be OK to wait. and all this could be from all the pressure he had from the Hydro or it could be that his Muscles in that eye have become Weak or not developing as they should that he couldn't really say that the Eye doc would be able to get a better pic

I hope all have a Great Holiday!

He's now 26 inches and 15 pounds He's growing up :) He has fount his foot and it's his Favorite thing right now LOL

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